Here are some of the Accomplishments our Clinch Academy MMA Fighters have achieved.


Jacob "The Hunter" Kirwan


Jacob Kirwan has an impressive MMA resume. Coming to the Clinch Academy in 2005 Jacob had all ready ventured into 2 amateur MMA fights which helped him realize that he needed more than wrestling to be a complete MMA fighter. During his time at the Clinch Jacob was able to develop his skills to a level that helped him eventually become Lou Neglea's Ring of Combat 145lb Champion, earn a shot at The UFC, and 3 fights in Bellator! Jacob also earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Clinch Academy.

Jacob Professional MMA Fight Record is 9-5-0. You can view his full stats right here.

Here is Jacob in Action

"Stone" Cole Presley

Cole Presley is perhaps one of the Clinch Academy's most talented fighters. Cole has a full time job with the union as a Pipe Fitter and has also been continuing his education in Trade School through the company. Without ever having the proper time to train and having a strict training camp regimen before any of his fights, Cole has been a monster in the cage. Cole is a well versed fighter and charismatic character that everyone loves to watch fight. With Cole Presley it is always a show!

Cole Presley's Professional MMA Record is 5-2-0. You can view his full stats right here

Joey "Frontline" Kirwan


Joey Kirwan, younger brother of Jacob Kirwan came to the Clinch Academy with a wrestling and Boxing background. Joey  got the nickname "Front Line" because Joey was always willing to step on the Front Line when asked to fight. Joey fought some tough opponents early in his career even on a 1 or 2 week notice. Joey has fought tough opponents such as UFC's Kris McKray, Marcus Foran, Dan Root, Drew Puzon,  and even fought in Bellator defeating Lewis Rumsey!

Joey Kirwan's Professional MMA Fight Record is 8-6-0. You can view his full stats right here  

Spencer "BAM BAM" Strube


Spencer is an un-orthadox wrestler coming out of Urbana High School. Looking to get into MMA Spencer came to the Clinch Academy in order to be challenged and grow as a fighter. 

Spencer Strube's Professional MMA record is 1-0-0. You can view his full stats right here.

Cody "The Master" Baker


Cody came to the Clinch Academy after training on occasion with Jacob Kirwan. Cody is a very tough, very game opponent with the heart of a Lion. Cody is looking to continue growing as a fighter and build up his professional MMA record.

Cody Baker Professional MMA record is 1-1-0. You can view his full Stats right here.

"Positive" Paul Mann


Without a doubt, Paul Mann was one of the MMA worlds undiscovered prizes. Paul is an incredible fighter who has the all the tools to be a World Class MMA fighter. Paul had some health issues that hindered him early on in his MMA career from demonstrating his full potential in the cage. Paul is comparable to B.J. Penn in the sense that you could clearly see his talent and dominance in the first round but by time the second round came his body would shut down. Although he trained hard and was always in good shape his body had some issues that kept him from displaying his best.

Paul Mann's Professional MMA Record is 4-5-0. You can view his full stats Right Here



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