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What is the Levels of Success Program?

The Levels of Success program is designed to keep your kids engaged with martial arts, fitness, character and leadership training at home as well as on the mat. The kids can earn different colored tape stripes that represent which level they have successfully reached based on the completion of various tasks in 5 different areas...Fitness, Acrobatics, Skill, Character and Leadership. Kids have the opportunity to earn new Levels Of Success Tape stripes during our regular promotion events if they complete the task during the months prior.

How does it work?

You can watch the video above to get a better understanding of how it works. You can also click the links below to view or print out more information & tools for success.

Click Here to view our Levels of Success Chart

Click Here to view our Levels of Success Monthly Home Assessment

Click Here to view our Weekly Home Assessment

Why Did You Start This Program?

Not only do we want to provide your child with the confidence of Martial Arts training but we want to give them the ability to be successful in all areas of life! This program is just another way to help your kids grow into respectful leaders in our community. We look forward to helping you raise your children into confident, humble & respected adults!