Gain the experience of competing in the comfort and safety of your own home...Clinch Academy!

This In-House Tournament is just for Clinch Academy youth students!

5 reasons to compete…

  • Competition reveals to us what level our skills are at & ALWAYS speeds up the learning curve.

  • Competition challenges you and provides opportunity for personal growth.

  • Other than an actual fight, Competition is the closest thing to experiencing self-defense. It prepares us.

  • Competition naturally makes us nervous. It is important to learn to deal with those nerves and to be able to perform under pressure.

  • Competition encourages camaraderie!

3 reasons to compete in an in-house competition…

  • Doing an In-House competition is the safest way to EXPERIENCE it.

  • You are competing with your friends. Not strangers!

  • It prepares you for outside competitions.

This is an incredible opportunity for your child to experience the excitement of competition and to learn and grow as a martial artist!

Please Do NOT procrastinate in signing up!

The more competitors we have the better the experience. If you think you want to sign up but are not sure...

Do it anyway and do it now so we can start getting the brackets set up for you to see!

If you are worried if there will be any comparable students in your child's division don't worry...we are going to pair every one up the best we can by weight and skill level and if we can't find a good group for your child you can get your money back! That's why the more people who sign up, the better!

The best thing to do is to sign up and see where it goes!

You can either bring the registration in and pay at the Clinch or Pay below (Registration still needs to be brought in)!

*If you DO NOT know your account login is your email. If you do not know your password you can have it re-sent to your email. Otherwise it is better to just sign up at the Clinch so you are NOT creating a duplicate account.