Whatever program you choose, we are confident of your transformation. It’s not the program that matters as much as our desire to empower and your desire to flourish!



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling art that teaches you to effectively defend yourself using technique and leverage over size and strength. With a focus on using positional dominance, to control and submit your opponents, BJJ is known for its effectiveness in real life altercations. However, BJJ is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world as well as an an art you can enjoy for a lifetime.  


While BJJ is primarily a grappling art, Kickboxing emphasizes the striking. While there are a variety of kickboxing arts we focus on a customized version to include striking with all 8 limbs (Fist, Elbows, Knees/Legs & Feet), clinching & takedowns, takedown defense, basic impact control and the ability to get back to your feet. We believe that if you can’t avoid getting taken down, then you won’t be able to strike effectively. Our kickboxing program is great for MMA and practical self-defense.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts is literally a mix of martial arts. Primarily a blend of BJJ, Wrestling and Kickboxing, MMA teaches you how to handle yourself in every hand to hand situation. Learn how to effectively strike, grapple and submit anyone! Also one of the fastest growing sports in the world MMA is an amazing workout and confidence builder.


ClinchFit is our Kickboxing fitness program. Learn to properly punch, kick, elbow and knee your way into shape! This is a NO-CONTACT fitness kickboxing program. Get in shape and enjoy all the benefits of kickboxing without the bumps and bruises!

Other Services

 Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to get a quick jump start on your training or even completely refine your training if you have been at for years! Private lessons are scheduled at your and your instructors convenience. To get more information about our private lesson services…


If you are looking to host a self-defense seminar for your staff or a BJJ seminar for your Academy, we have provided many seminars throughout the years. Professor Luke is known for providing seminars for women’s self-defense as well as specialty BJJ seminars like his Rodeo Guard seminar. Depending on your needs we can come to you or we can also host seminars in our Academy.

To get more information about Private Lesson & Seminar rates you can

Team Building & Leadership Course

Are you interested in a team building & leadership training course for you staff or team? We offer a 90 minute session that will use kickboxing to get your team moving and working together while learning core concepts of leadership. Your team is sure to have a blast working together and gaining some priceless leadership keys. To get more information about our team building and leadership course you can

Birthday Parties

Do you want your child to have the kind of birthday that will keep them talking for weeks! Set up a birthday party at Clinch Academy and we will be sure that your child has an amazing birthday experience! For more information about our birthday parties