I cannot say enough about the Clinch Academy. They have given my son the skills and confidence needed to break out of a cycle of victimization that educators were only able to address, but never seemed to be able to stop. He now loves to go to school and he loves going to Clinch Academy.
— Douglas Warden

7 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is One Of The BEST Activities To Enroll Your Child In:

1. In an era of increased bullying, your child will learn how to avoid and effectively defend themselves in dangerous situations.

2. Your child will gain confidence in life which will help them to excel and succeed in everything they take on.

3. Your child will learn respect and common courtesy. These are the first 2 ingredients in child safety and behavior.

4. Martial Arts keeps your child active and helps them to develop a healthy and fit lifestyle.

5. Martial Arts is for everyone! It is not a team consisting of all the best athletes. No one sits on the bench.

6. Your child will learn Self-Control. Self-Control helps children to be patient and gentle in intense situations rather than angry and aggressive. This is an important aspect for handling any emergency situation! While it is also important that a child knows how to be aggressive in certain situations, it should be a choice and not an out of control reaction!

7. Your child will develop lasting relationships with good people. We provide a positive community for your children to become part of.

There are so many ways Martial Arts can benefit your child and even your whole family. The list goes on and on. The best way to find out is to bring them in and see for yourself! Do your child a favor and make an appointment TODAY!