While Martial Arts Schools have been around a long time, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts have been hard to find. Now a days more schools are beginning to pop up even in the Frederick area. So why train with us?

Let me say first that I respect all the other school owners and Academy's out there. There are some talented athletes and Instructors to choose from. The Clinch Academy has been Frederick, Maryland's leading source for Self-Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts for over 10 years. We have trained and coached champion Professional Mixed Martial Artists & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitors as well as helped numerous amounts of local community members & Police officers learn the proper techniques for self-defense combatives training and simply to provide for them the tools to live a healthy/fit lifestyle.

In fact, the Ex Frederick Police Chief,  Tom Ledwell has been a student here for almost a decade. Tom Ledwell is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt here at the Clinch Academy and a well respected Instructor. As far as having a World Class model for training and teaching fighters, competitors & real life hero's, I believe we have proven our systems to be highly effective and practical. BUT DON'T WORRY the MAJORITY of the people DON'T fight or compete. Most people want to come in, get a great workout, relieve some stress and excel in one of the world's two fastest growing sports, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts. You certainly don't have to compete or fight to be a part of the Clinch Family. That is why our slogan is, BATTLE TESTED. FAMILY APPROVED. We bring you a proven world class training system in a family approved environment! I think #1 thing that sets us apart from ALL the other local schools is our emphasis on GOOD CHARACTER and GOOD CONDUCT. I believe martial arts should be regarded as a highly respected art, sport and model for personal growth. We do frequent mat chats in both our Kids & Adult classes. What we do is serious and character development must not be taken lightly in this sport or it can become violent and perverted very quickly. This is the #1 reason I would choose us. Not only do we provide you with world class training and teaching but also with a family approved environment that focuses on the teaching and training of values such as Honor, Respect, Focus, Discipline, Control, Commitment, Loyalty, Humility and Peace.        
If this sounds like the kind of team you want to be a part of then Clinch Academy is definitely the right place for you!

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Still Not Convinced?
Read below to see what other people are saying!

Bradley Duruttya
MMA Judge and Referee
Mid Atlantic Combat Sports State Rep.

I walked into the Clinch Academy expecting to see Mixed Martial Arts Gym. What I saw was a traditional Martial Arts Dojo. The Dojo was neat and clean with a Feng Shui atmosphere. The students were quiet attentive and serious in their training. It was exactly the place that I would choose for myself and my family to train.

Luke Rinehart is the owner and head instructor and has been practicing martial arts since he was 5 yrs old. He started taking classes in Tang Soo Do from his father and continued on to study Kenpo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai. Luke competes in BJJ winning a number of NAGA championships.

Clinch Academy offers classes for all ages. Children 3-5 can learn basic tumbling and increase their coordination. Older children are taught a complete Martial Arts system along with the responsibility on when to use it. Adults are taught the skills needed for self-defense and combat.

Competition is encouraged but not mandatory at Clinch Academy. Children and Adult compete monthly at area BJJ tournaments while adults compete in Mixed Martial Arts events. So no matter if you want to learn an art or get in the cage, Clinch Academy    should be your choice of training facilities.

Clinch Academy has a contingent of Mixed Martial Arts fighters that are terrorizing the Mid-Atlantic region. I was able to watch their MMA workout and I tell you their circuit training is sick. The philosophy of training harder than you fight is applied at every workout.


Chief Tom Ledwell

I trained Tang-So-Do during my college years for a while, but lost interest. I was approached by a coworker four years ago, who had started training BJJ and who talked me into trying it out with him. My initial goal was to take an occasional class to help supplement my defensive tactics training for police work. I took several BJJ classes, and loved it. I began training BJJ and vale- tudo regularly at an academy that was over an hour from where I live. I entered a NAGA tournament several months into my training, where I was introduced to Luke. I watched Luke compete in that tournament, and was genuinely impressed with his skill and techniques. I learned that Luke instructed at the Clinch Academy in Frederick. I decided to try the Clinch Academy out, and have been training here since. Training at the Clinch, I was immediately impressed with the emphasis on technique and skill versus muscling out wins. I also thought that Luke had a great understanding of the details involved in jiu-jitsu and in the other aspects of MMA, and that his instruction passed these details on to his students. In addition, I thought that Luke was also a good person and the environment at the Clinch Academy was friendly. My current goals are to continue to learn and improve in the art of jiu-jitsu and MMA, and to teach effective defensive tactics as an instructor at our police academy. I would eventually like to earn a black belt and to be able to reflect and share with others the qualities that accompany attaining that level in the martial arts. 

~ Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
~ Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission certified General Instructor
~ Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission Instructor of the Year
~ Defensive Tactics Instructor for Police Recruits and Police Veterans


Jacob "The Hunter" Kirwan
Professional MMA Fighter
Ring of Combat Champion/Bellator Veteran

A few years back, I walked into the Clinch Academy having a very strong wrestling background with a high level coach. I was searching to find that same level of instruction in M.M.A. When I found Luke at the Clinch Academy, I found that and a lot more. Luke is the best teacher I have ever trained with. He can read where you are at in your game and knows just what to teach to bring you to the level you want to be. Through training at the Clinch I have realized that there are more levels to fighting than I realized. I have gone from wanting to just fight to establish a name for myself to learning to establish my name by being the best martial artist I can be in and out of the cage. That is the most valuable lesson I have learned through God and training with Luke Rinehart."

Scott Ford
Owner of Cornerstone Wealth Management
Author of "Financial Jiu-Jitsu" 

I became interested in martial arts because of liking the physical aspect of the arts. In the early 90's I became interested in jiu-jitsu particularly because of the U.F.C. and found a school in Baltimore to train. Because of the commute I only trained a few months. A couple of years ago I saw a friend, Eric Borher with a Clinch Jiu Jitsu shirt on at the gym and he suggested I check it out. My first experience at the Clinch was promising and rewarding due to the relaxed teaching style of Luke and the willingness to help from other members. The instruction and environment at the Clinch is laid back and nonthreatening yet I believe the best Jiu Jitsu and MMA instruction around, taught by an accomplished grappling athlete. Since I began training at the Clinch I have been in much better physical shape, met new people, and as a business owner, I have been able to apply principals used in Jiu Jitsu training to business like ways to stay calm in stressful situations. I believe Jiu Jitsu correlates well with business in that you have to always continue to learn, adapt, be flexible in your approach, and look at it as a life long learning process not an end result or destination.


"Stone" Cole Presley
Professional MMA Fighter 

"I entered the Clinch Academy a few years ago under the advice of a family friend and I was instantly impressed with the level of skill and instruction The Clinch Academy had to offer. Luke offers not just world class instruction but a world class attitude as well. Everybody is constantly learning at the Clinch while helping each other improve as true martial artists. When it comes to The Clinch Academy there are no strings attached and it is easy to acclimate yourself to any class in any discipline regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re looking to compete in MMA, become a competitive grappler or merely get in shape the Clinch Academy has what you need. So do yourself a favor and join the family!" 


Adam McWilliams/BJJ Black Belt

I've trained at lots of BJJ studios around the world and the quality of the instruction, training partners, and respectful atmosphere makes the Clinch Academy hands down my favorite place to train. I've been fortunate enough to train with Luke Rinehart since 1996, and in that time I've developed a great respect for his technique and teaching style and he's also become a great friend. I've also had the opportunity to spread some of his tricks around the globe (watch for some sneaky submissions, sweeps, and guard passing if you visit Mancora Peru or Tonga!) Whether your after self defense, technical BJJ, Professional MMA, or just trying to get fit, you'll find what your looking for at the Clinch! Come check us out!

Paul Mann
Professional MMA fighter

"I've trained in several places across the U.S. with a mix of great BJJ black belts, master Muay Thai instructors and elite wrestlers. Luke is the most advanced and dedicated martial artist I have ever trained with. He has a wonderful balance between technique, competition experience, personality and humor that not only makes him a world class martial artist but also a world class teacher and coach."