Title Fight Fitness in Frederick, MD 


Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6:00am-6:45am



The reason you get such good results is that fitness classes by nature require you to work harder than gym memberships! 

A gym membership doesn't give you motivation or work ethic like a group of like-minded friends & a coach who are always pushing you to excel!   

 This is Pete Riley…

11 weeks after joining
Title Fight Fitness!

We Guarantee that if...

  • You do what we tell you to do,

  • You show up for class and put the work in,

  • You apply the diet and health tips we give you...


    can get these results! 

In just 11 weeks time Pete...

  • Lost 20lbs.

  • Dramatically increased his strength.

  • Shed unwanted fat.

  • Built Muscle.

  • Discovered his abs again!

What about YOU?

Do you want to...

  • Lose that extra 20lbs?

  • Increase your strength and stamina by 10-75%?

  • Trim your waistline?

  • Build Confidence?

  • Or just plain feel better about life?


NOW is your chance to FINALLY feel and look the way you really want to.


It's an AMAZING workout and CHALLENGE for ANYONE!

Our Fitness Programs get you the results you need!

Alejandra Angel won our $1000 Summer Fitness Challenge in by increasing her Fitness Results by 53%!


Quick Facts:

  • If you are not in good shape, our fitness programs will help you work toward your goals and accomplish them without embarrassing yourself or over doing it.

  • If you are in great shape but are just looking for something new that can push you to your limits every time, our fitness programs are the answer!

  • Another reason the class is so great is that not only will it get you in great shape but it also helps to relieve stress and get out some aggression with some of it’s MMA Techniques!


Don't worry, these classes are not contact classes! This is a fitness class that applies the techniques of MMA in a way that you don't need a partner at all. We use the shadow boxing techniques as well as heavy bags and ground n' pound bags to do the job! If you are either looking to get in superior shape, get back in shape or wanting to push yourself with something new, you need to try our fitness programs! You are bound to sweat and shed the pounds while toning and firming up your muscles.  You can expect to get a good mix of cardio, strength and muscle endurance all in one 45 min. workout!


If you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape you need to put the effort in! There are no quick fixes that last. If you don't change your unhealthy patterns of eating and exercise, you will always be unhealthy!! You have to learn and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits! 

It's a FUN and EXCITING way to PUT IN THE WORK,  GET IN AWESOME SHAPE and FEEL GOOD about yourself!

I know you might be thinking that you need to be in shape to do this class. You are wrong! 

You need this class to get you in shape.

Maybe you are in good shape and you are thinking that it won't be enough for you. WRONG AGAIN! 

I guarantee you will be pushed NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE! That's the beauty of our class format, it works for EVERYONE! 

 It doesn't matter if you are not in good shape or are in great shape, our fitness programs allow for you to go at your own pace and push your own personal limits and comfort zone. If you are getting too tired, you rest. If you are not getting tired enough you work harder!

Seriously. If you are on this website because you are already interested in getting and or staying in shape, you are CRAZY not to sign up!  I guarantee you won't be disappointed.