I cannot say enough about the Clinch Academy. They have given my son the skills and confidence needed to break out of a cycle of victimization that educators were only able to address, but never seemed to be able to stop. He now loves to go to school and he loves going to Clinch Academy.
— D. Warden
“If you look around at all the people in here…and you try to find someone you have some type of issue with, I guarantee you won’t and that extremely rare!”
— Frederick's Ex Police Chief - Tom Ledwell
Luke is my Mr. Miyagi. His instruction is not only the mechanics of jiu-jitsu but how to apply it as a transformative tool for body, mind and soul.
— G.I. Judy Riley
Once I began training here on the mat with the others, I immediately noticed that there was a difference here as compared to the other places I’ve trained
— Bruce Williams
I owe a good deal of my growth as a human being to the Clinch Academy.
— Mark Kroh
Not only have I learned to effectively defend myself but I have also learned to improve in my relationships.
— John Alvino