Thank you for your interest in Sponsorship Program!

Someone once asked if I would ever sell my black belt and all the experiences that came with it for $1,000,000. The answer was an easy ,"No.". They continued to ask, "What about $2,000,000?" Again the answer was easy, "No." To finish it off he then said, "Well how much would you sell it for?".  Without having to even think hard about it at all I said, "There is no amount of money that I would ever sell that for." It was at this moment that I began to truly understand the value of what I do and teach. Not the financial value but the life value. The life value could not be matched with financial value. The value of the experience was far greater than money. 

Throughout the years I have always tried my best to make sure that money didn't come between a prospect and the opportunity to train in something as valuable as Martial Arts. Not everyone who enquires can afford it. Because of this, I will work with students and give discounts when needed.  I also offer work exchanges when it is possible. I would teach for free if I could because I love what I do and believe it to be so valuable to the community. However, I like everyone else need to provide for my family and for my employees.

i would like to be able to continue helping those who need it without  .


There are many reasons that people need help with tuition...

1. Sometimes people come in to find out that they simply can't afford it.

2. Often students who want to fight or compete professionally don't have the finances to afford a VIP membership and that is what it takes in order to get and stay at the level of a professional. These people need to be training all the time but often are young and don't have the type of jobs that support that level of training.  

3. Sometimes parents have a hard time being able to afford training for all their children. (and themselves!)  It can be an expensive hobby for the whole family and yet it is a great way for families to grow closer.

This program would allow for me to continue helping others who can not afford to train at full tuition or even at all. I am not going to name names or post pictures of any members but am going to simply offer different levels of sponsorship that will allow for me to continue giving discounted memberships to those who otherwise would not be able train.   

NOTE: I do not just let anyone train at a discount or for free. These sponsored memberships are for people whom I know just simply can't afford it. 

Level 1 = $49 

(This is a per month fee set on auto pay. You can cancel your sponsorship at anytime.)

Level 2 = $99 

(This is a per month fee set on auto pay. You can cancel your sponsorship at anytime.)

Level 3 = $149 

(This is a per month fee set on auto pay. You can cancel your sponsorship at anytime.)


How do I cancel my sponsorship?

1. Login in to your account under the same login you used for the sponsorship.  

2. Click the "My Info" tab.

3. Click the "Account" Tab.

4. Click Terminate on the Sponsorship Auto pay you wish to cancel.

5. Follow the directions of the termination.

Thank you for your generosity! I can guarantee you that it will be paid forward to those who without it wouldn't have the opportunity to train in something that will bring such an enormous amount of value and purpose to their lives!