“The highest compliment you can give us for our service is your referral.”


We value your referrals and appreciate them greatly! To show our appreciation for your referrals we want to make sure that YOU are getting extra value in return.  We want to ensure that your referral is recognized and accounted for properly. In order for us to do this efficiently it is important for you to notify us properly of your referrals. Here is how the program works…


For each prospect who becomes a client under your referral, you will receive $10 off your monthly tuition for as long as your referral remains a client! If you refer a client and they become a member for 6 months, you will receive $10 off your tuition for each of those 6 months. If your referral’s membership is terminated or suspended, your discount will discontinue as well. If you refer 2 clients you will receive $10 off for each client. That’s $20 off your monthly tuition! If 1 client’s membership is terminated you will continue to receive $10 off for the other client. The system keeps going with 3,4,5 or more clients!

In order for us to do this efficiently and accurately we have to set your referrals up automatically. So in our system when we receive a new client under your referral, your name will be added as the referrer. This automatically links your accounts. It does not link any account information but just the payment cycle with the appropriate discounts. So any discounts will be implemented or canceled automatically along with your referral clients.


We have a lot of students and it would be too difficult for us to remember who referred who and when. When you make a referral, please give the person whom you are referring a Clinch Academy referral card/Appointment card.  You can help them plan a time to visit and schedule it on the card. You will also notice on the card that THEY will get 5% off their membership IF they turn that card in when they come. This will help ensure that they bring the card in when they come. When the prospect becomes a client, that card will notify us when they join that YOU referred them and it will be noted on the account during their sign up process. From then on everything else will be set on automatic as explained above in the rewards section!


It can be hard to get friends to come in by just telling them they should come in sometime. You have to be specific. We want you to have victory with your referrals so here are a couple of ideas to help you succeed!

  1. If possible, the BEST thing you (particularly adults) can do is invite your friend to an open mat session and TEACH them an introductory lesson yourself!  I have provided a sAmple video introduction lesson that you can learn and use to teach your friends! You can even share the video with them beforehand so they know what they are getting into before they come! Watch the lesson, make sure you understand the techniques and how to explain them, print out the lesson if needed, and teach the lesson! You would also want to show them around the facility, introduce them to the Coaches and other students. This is a very low key way of getting them in the door that should help ease any nerves they may have about coming to an MMA Academy. When you are done the Intro it would be good to then invite them to a free group class and schedule it.

  2. Invite them to a FREE group class! The best way to handle this is to have a class in mind, preferably yours if possible and schedule a specific date for them to come. Tell them you can partner with them and this will also help ease any nerves they may have about coming. Ensure them that our beginner classes are indeed for beginners and that we are not fighting during class but learning the techniques.

  3. If we have any introductory courses, self-defense seminars or events we are hosting, you could invite your friends to those!


We are always excited to help you with your referrals so if you have any questions, ideas or concerns please bring them to our attention so we can better serve you!


Thank you again for your continued support for the Clinch Academy! 

We are very thankful to have such a great community of Martial Artist and friends!