We truly value your business and your referrals. It shows us that you also value our Academy.  In order to show our great appreciation for your referrals we want to offer you these referral rewards! 

Thank you for helping us continue to grow!

Please review our rewards as well as our Methods for recruiting below!



If you refer a friend and they become a member,  we will knock $10 off your monthly tuition. Not just for 1 month but for every month!! Yes, you will save $10 every month on your tuition! Even better, you will get an extra $10 off EVERY TIME you refer a new member!

Refer 2 Members - Save $20 every month!

Refer 3 Members - Save $30 every month!

Refer 4 Members - Save $40 every month!

Do this as much as you want!!

Keep it up and you could be training for FREE!


It may seem like an easy idea to refer friends but it can be a little more difficult to get them in the door than you think. Here are a few recruiting methods that will help you as you start your referrals!

1. Be specific about WHEN they should come!

Referrals can always come try 2 classes for free. The best time to ask them to come is on a specific date during YOUR class if possible.

Don't just say, "Hey you should come check out the Clinch sometime."....Instead say, "Hey, I think you would really enjoy my martial arts class. Do you want to come try my a free class at the Clinch on Monday, December 5th @ 5:30pm?"   The date and time could be different but the goal is to be specific. 

2. If for some reason they can NOT come to your class or are unable to participate in your class if they are not qualified, you can still meet them here for their 1st class as a supporting friend just to ease any nerves. Tell them you will meet them here and introduce them to the instructor. 

3. Don't JUST invite people that you THINK would be interested. It is often the other way around. The ones you DON'T think would be interested tend to love it!

4. Invite people to events like Promotions, Tournaments, Parent's Night Out. Anything to get them in the door or around other teammates! Adults, you could always invite them to Saturday Open mat to work with them and show them some basics!

We SO greatly appreciate your business & your referrals! THANK YOU!