$15 PER CLASS  /  $48 PER MONTH 

Hi.  My name is April Rodriguez and I am excited to bring yoga to you at the Clinch Academy!  I began my journey as a yogini in 2011 when I completed my 200 hour certification at Flow Yoga in Leesburg, VA.  I have over 500 hours of teaching experience, varying from group classes to private teachings.  My certification is Yoga Alliance approved.  I also completed my 120 hour study and certification of Yin and Restorative yoga.  Prior to teaching yoga, I began my fitness career in 2004, teaching group exercises classes such as strength, cardio, bootcamps, indoor cycling, and aqua aerobics.  I am certified through a national organization known as ACE (American Council on Exercise) as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.  

We will be practicing Hatha Yoga.  In Hatha yoga we focus on creating balance and uniting opposites.  The word Hatha itself means the uniting of opposites.  Ha means “sun” and tha means “moon.”  In Hatha yoga we work on asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing).  Hatha yoga is a set of physical poses performed in a sequence that is designed to align the body correctly.  When the body is aligned properly, not only do we create a balance of strength and flexibility, but the channels in the body open as well, allowing energy to flow freely.  This is healing to our bodies, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Practicing Hatha yoga gives us the opportunity to bring our awareness to the breath which stills the mind, allowing us to surrender in each pose.  It is perfect for all those multi-taskers out there! Hatha yoga provides a pathway for us to be more present and enjoy each moment fully rather than always being divided (being physically in one place but mentally somewhere else).  

Many people shy away from the practice because they don’t feel they are flexible enough.  If that is you, than yoga is perfect for you!  Yoga will help you become more flexible.  You will gain muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular health, agility, balance, and coordination.  This class will be taught in a mixed level format.  New yogis as well as those with prior experience are welcome!  I suggest bringing a yoga mat and two yoga blocks.  A third piece of equipment that you could bring, but is not required, is a blanket.  We use props to enhance poses or to help the body be more comfortable in them.  

If you have any questions, please contact me at 571-277-1030 or by email at  I look forward to seeing you on that mat!