Welcome to our Introductory Offers Page. We are excited to meet you!

Whether you are looking for


health and fitness,

discipline and focus,

or just a great community to be a part of…

Clinch Academy has what you need! We pride ourselves in being Frederick Maryland’s premier Family Martial Arts and Fitness Academy. We are not a gym, we are a community and We have been serving and adding value to the local community for over 15 years!

We are EXCITED to serve you TOO!

Which one of these Introductory Offers works best for you?


Option #1

Sign up for a Free Beginner class!

Classes for Men, Women and Children!

Rest assured that by signing up for a FREE beginner class you will be able to enjoy a safe and structured training environment while trying one of our beginner programs! You will get to meet some of our Instructors and other beginner students like you. We thrive in being family friendly and want you to have the best experience possible. Sign up for your FREE class today and let’s get your journey started together!


Option #2

Sign up for one of our Introductory Courses for only $9.99!

Courses For Men, Women and Children!

If jumping into the group doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can sign up for one of our Introductory Courses. These courses are designed to help ease you into the Academy while building the proper foundation for you to begin your journey. Our Introductory courses are safe, informative and personal. Don’t put it off any longer! You will wish you had started sooner!

We Currently do NOT have any of these Courses Available.