Martial Arts has always had roots in discipline and character development. Here at Clinch Academy we like to hold on to the traditional roots of character development in our more modern day approach to martial arts training.

At Clinch Academy you will notice right away that we do not tolerate dirty language as martial arts requires the practice of self-control. If our students or training partners can not control their tongues, how are we supposed to trust that they can control their anger when stuck in a tough training situation or even when they have us caught in a submission? Self-Control starts with the tongue and character growth starts with self-control.

Self-Control is the ability to keep yourself from doing something that you want to do but know you shouldn't and it is to be accompanied with self-discipline which is the ability to force yourself to do something you don't want to do but know you should!

We have these kind of "mat chats" in our youth programs constantly and even offer a Youth Levels of Success Program where students can earn stripes for demonstrating certain techniques, accomplishing certain fitness goals and demonstrating good character on and off the mat.

Similar conversations are held in our adult classes but the environment itself & the community we have built, you will notice, encourages growth on it's own.

Clinch Academy strives to keep a clean, respectful, family friendly training environment with the highest quality instruction. We have seen students grow leaps and bounds training with us. We would love to help you reach your goals as well!

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