Clinch Academy Official Competition Team Qualifications & Regulations

In an effort to make a stronger push for Clinch Academy Competitors we are working to establish new qualifications, regulations and procedures for those who may be interested. All though a small percentage of our student body are actually competitors, we have done tremendously well with the ones who do compete. We have had BJJ NAGA Pro Division Champions, Numerous NAGA and other grappling competition Champions, IBJJF World Champion, Shogun Fights 1st 170lb MMA Champion, Ring of Combat 145lb MMA Champion, Belletor Fighting Championship Veterans and much more! We have an amazing competitive track record. Now we are looking to show the word what we can do. For this to happen we need determined & focused individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves and make the sacrifices necessary to become true champions. This is where the NEW TEAM Qualifications come in to play...

In order to have the backing of the Clinch Academy name, Team and Coaches present with you in competitions all competitors must know, understand and meet the following qualifications to be a part of our competition teams. Please read over these qualifications as you will be accountable to them if you wish to be eligible as a Clinch Academy Competitor. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


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