It is important to recognize that all though BJJ & MMA competition are about 1 man or women vs the other, you are still representing more than yourself. You are representing Martial Arts as a whole,  your team, your Academy and the vision or values of that Academy. We expect that our competitors and any parents of those competitors practice competing & coaching with this understanding.

The short of it is that, we expect our students to put good sportsmanship above everything else. We should practice respect, self-control & humility. One of my rules is that "The game is never more important than the people." We play by the rules, coach with self-control and whether it be victory or defeat, demonstrate humility.

With that said, there is no reason to compete unless it is to win! Not everyone will win or should expect to every time but there is no other reason to step out on the competition mat unless you have trained to win & believe you can do so. Confidence is key but it shouldn't be distorted into cockyness or anything that represents poorly.  A humble confidence is necessary.   When you play for a team, you don't play just to see how good YOU are. You play to win! For yourself and for the team. 

All though it is a shame, we should expect that things won't always go our way or even by the book. Errors in judgment, mistakes in score keeping, or whatever it may be, happen all the time. It does no good to complain and argue over things that won't be corrected. That doesn't mean there won't be times to speak up in the proper manner. The beauty of competition is that is is character building for everyone. Whether it be the competitors, the coaches, the parents or the officials...EVERYONE has the opportunity to grow!

Lastly, competition is supposed to be fun! It can be intense, but it should also be fun. There is no reason to compete if you can't enjoy it. Take it seriously, but not too serious. Again, Take it SERIOUSLY but not TOO serious!  It is a great opportunity to go out and enjoy doing something you love while growing closer to one another through the camaraderie and support of a team! I am thankful to have you all as part of our Team and always look forward to watching and helping you compete! You are WARRIORS indeed! 

For further understanding of our Vision & Competition Code you can view these links:

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