There are many great benefits to training in Martial Arts but perhaps one of the greatest is


Here at Clinch Academy we have a fantastic community of people. This is your home away from home! We strive to maintain a clean, safe and family friendly training environment at the Clinch. We know that not everyone wants to be a fighter. The truth is most people who train are not looking to fight or compete. They are looking for a hobby and a community. Most people want to be able to come in and not get roughed up as they have a family to go home to or a job to go to. The way our programs are structured are meant to offer classes that ANYONE can take. Men, Women and children. We have classes for your average stay at home mom, average Joe as well as classes for those who want to be competitive.  We have a way providing the proper environment for everyone to reach their own goals and yet feel like one big family!

Our Slogan is "BATTLE TESTED. FAMILY APPROVED." and we strive to always maintain both ends of the spectrum.

Our Martial Arts classes whether it be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts are designed to simply be a great hobby for anyone or an outlet for self-defense and competitive sports. 

If it is a community or hobby you are looking for then look no further, we would love to make you part of ours!

Call 301-682-8589 or email us below to get your free class set up and become part of our community today!

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